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When the Well is Dry, We Will Know the Worth of Water — Benjamin Franklin, 1746

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Nothing is more vital to life than water. It is not an overstatement to say that Florida’s economy lives or dies by it. But for too many decades, we have taken it all for granted, without purposeful eyes on it for an abundant future.

A revolution of thinking must occur in our state, not with pitchforks, but with every lawmaker concerned about our water and our waterways. From the quality of our water to the quantity and the directional flow of water, protecting our most important resource is the pressing issue of our time.

Politicians come and go – most of them every eight years. Our question is: How do we ensure clean and abundant water is built into the DNA of every elected official in Florida, regardless of which office they hold, where they live, or which side of the political aisle they sit?

We do it by bringing more Floridians into the conversation.

In this week’s Everglades Review, you will see a snippet of the troubles occurring for the Everglades and waterways across Florida.

We will continue to be a leader in keeping these issues front and center. But Florida cannot protect its heirlooms without you in the battle with us. So, as always, we ask you to stick with us!

Unseen Enemy | Fort Myers Florida Weekly

“It’s invisible, but the mercury assault on the Everglades is beginning to have visible effects on wildlife and human beings.” Adding 500 pounds of sulfur per acre to grow their crop faster, independent science points directly to Big Sugar’s practice as the main cause of mercury showing up in wildlife in the Everglades.

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‘Unusual Mortality Event’ declared as manatee deaths surge | Digital Journal

As politicians continue to allow nutrient pollution to flow unabated into Florida’s waterways, we will continue to lose our wildlife and everything Floridians hold dear. Be very concerned about the future of our manatees but let this be a jolt and recognition that you cannot stay quiet. 

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New schedule expected to change Lake Okeechobee flows | News Press

Big Sugar vs The Public – it is all about the water. The Army Corps is working on new rules for Lake O water. The process will decide who/what wins and who/what loses. The sugar industry has always had an outsize voice in the decisions. But now Floridians are chiming in, becoming part of the conversation. Add your voice to ours, letting the Army Corps know what you expect. Click the button below to use our pre-written email. It’s quick and easy!

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The sugar industry is trying to hijack the public’s water — again. And this time, the public can stop them.

Another piece of the puzzle that is Everglades restoration is how the water in Lake Okeechobee is managed – and mismanaged. The Army Corps will be putting NEW RULES in place for the next decade or so. So, this is a very big deal. Big Sugar wins if the public is absent from the conversation. So, let them hear you ROAR. We make it quick and super easy!



Fund the fight to say NO to Nestle | Florida Springs Council

When all else fails, the only recourse is the Courts. We are calling on all Everglades advocates to join us in helping the Florida Springs Council. This is the public’s water and every Floridian should fight to protect it!

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Florida reminded again that someone always pays for pollution | Tampa Bay Times

“Government has a big role to play. It can do two main things. First, enact and then actually enforce safety regulations that keep pollution out of waterways and our bloodstreams. Second, put a price on externalities.” The current model allows bad behavior as merely a cost of doing business. A new mindset is needed that turns that model on its head. 

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Florida crews are pumping wastewater into Tampa Bay to avoid a full reservoir breach | USA Today

American author Stephen King: “Piney Point is what happens when you let the sharpies and hustlers have free rein. Money talks and the environment walks.” We are calling on the Florida Legislature to protect our state and its people – before, not after another calamity.

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Footage of Tampa Bay shows the heartbreaking scope of Piney Point contamination

Just like the sugar industry to the south, the phosphate mining industry has been allowed to make their profits, decimate everything around them, and leave the taxpayers to deal with the aftermath. We are calling on the Florida Legislature to protect our state and its people – before, not after, another calamity.

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Florida manatees are dying at an alarming rate. Contaminated canals are partially to blame | Miami Herald

From polluted and toxic discharges of Lake O water to both coasts of Florida, to agricultural runoff destroying our freshwater springs, to sewage spills from archaic municipal sewer systems, we are allowing the death of the very things that makes Florida special.

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Press conference held by Representatives Omari and Anna Eskamani lays out the danger of the “Right to Harm” bill

Fantastic summary of the harmful practice of sugarcane burning and Big Sugar’s newest political ploy to keep it going — SB 88/HB 1601. 

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To save the Everglades, take on Big Sugar | Washington Examiner

We could not agree more: “The sensible solution would be for the United States to stop providing trade protection for domestically produced sugar. That would then mean we don’t have to buy out plantations and provide compensation for not killing the environment. The polluters simply go bust. Problem solved.” 

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What Florida can learn from the manatee man of Belize | Tampa Bay Times

Clearwater Marine Aquarium researcher Jamal Galves has dedicated his life to a species that does so much for us. “I don’t want to preach to the converted,” he says. “I want to preach to those who don’t understand.”

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A once-in-a-lifetime shot to save the Everglades

You know we share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you. Recently, it might feel like there has been more bad than good. But there is hope — a historic opportunity for record-level federal funding. And the best news? YOU can help!