Everglades Trust


Everglades Trust is an organized group of citizens, businesses and community leaders who are committed to protecting the Everglades and three nationally important coastal estuaries. We are a political non-profit organization headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. 

We take very seriously the TRUST the public and elected officials give to us to provide the history, facts and science, both environmental and political, behind saving and protecting America’s Everglades. With that solemn principle as our guide, we work every day to ensure that TRUST is never broken.

The Trust was founded in 1994 by the late George Barley and today his legacy is carried on by his wife, Mary, and a dedicated Board of Directors and staff. Our advocacy is backed up by overwhelming sound science and research.

The Everglades comprise the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America and are recognized as one of the most important on the planet. They are a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve.

Home to more than 80 endangered species of plants and animals, they are the source of the water supply for one out of every three Floridians (8 million people). The economics this great system generates and makes possible rival anything else in Florida.

Everglades Trust, and all those we partner with, insists that local, state and federal lawmakers take meaningful and timely action to preserve and restore America’s Everglades. Through grassroots initiatives and legislator education, the Trust ensures lawmakers are held accountable to their constituents to save and protect the Everglades.

The Trust is a leader in the bi-partisan Now Or Neverglades movement focused on bringing the Everglades into the Florida political narrative, where it deserves to be. Hundreds of thousands of voters, small and large business owners, local, state and national elected officials and towns and cities throughout Florida are coming together for the common good and with one voice about their environment and drinking water: #NowOrNeverglades