Yours and Ours

We must tell this story, the Everglades story, in a way the American people can understand. They will save the Everglades."
– the venerable Nathaniel P. Reed, an American Original. 1933-2018

Understand Why Willie Robbed Banks

Are all politicians crooks? Oh, there are some real stinkers, for sure, but most politicians are far from corrupt. Our political system has become a bastion for greed to rule the day, cleverly disguised as a fair process. Politicians throughout Florida are surrounded by greed (polluters and thieves of the public’s resources) because, obviously, greed gravitates to what makes them more money or power or both.

The famous criminal Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks. His response was simple: Because that’s where the money is.

Throw in campaign contributions and an army of “friendly” lobbyists, and the unsuspecting don’t stand much of a chance – greed is very cunning. We cannot excuse this outcome, but it helps to understand the inexplicable. 


The consequences of the harm being done to the Everglades ecosystem, and the resulting impacts on the economic and human health of Floridians cannot be overstated. The situation is dire, we can’t afford to wait to act. We’ve had the science, the money, and the plan. What we’ve lacked is the Political Will. 

That’s why elected officials need us, all of us. Learn more, speak up more, find a way to get through to them. Get your family involved, and your friends. That’s our collective charge. By the way, we never said this would be easy.