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Everglades Review is a free, weekly compilation of relevant news and information devoted to restoration of America’s Everglades and clean water in Florida. Delivered straight into your inbox, the Review shares the good, the bad and the ugly – and never ever sugarcoats it.

By explaining the political and environmental science, what is broken and why, and what it takes to fix it, we work to educate and inspire the public and lawmakers to action. 


It’s tough to learn about the state of affairs for our waterways and Everglades and discover the debauchery of the sugar industry in Florida, we know. But the only antidote to the vast sums of money Big Sugar pours into the political system, the outright lies and manipulation, is a well-informed and committed citizenry. 

For our own sanity – and yours – we go out of our way to find images and stories that inspire us AND things that make us LOL. We share some of our favorites in each update. Please know, we will never share your information with anyone, for any reason. Ready to make a difference?


The tail wagging

The Tail Wags the Dog 21 million Floridians, hundreds of millions of visitors, and future generations are being dictated to,

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